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Get Metronet Fiber Internet in Florida!

Metronet’s 100% fiber internet plan is now available in Florida. Get blazing-fast internet with Metronet today – including no data caps, 24/7 local support, and FREE Wi-Fi equipment.  Make the switch and connect your home to internet speeds up to 2 Gb in some areas. If you have any questions about availability or Metronet’s services, reach out today!

Fiber Internet in Florida

Metronet is available in cities across Florida, and offers residents a high-speed internet connection, thanks to our fully fiber-optic network! Fiber internet is delivered directly to your home via fiber optic cables and can deliver speeds up to 2 Gb, which is significantly faster than traditional cable internet. If you have any questions about current Metronet availability in Florida, and how you can save – give us a call!

Fiber optic connectivity is the future of the internet, and we are proud to provide it to Florida!

MetroNet Internet
MetroNet Internet

Save Big With Metronet Deals

We are constantly running great deals on our services, such as a free wireless router included for an exceptional WiFi experience! Plans start at just $29.95/mo for a dedicated fiber optic internet connection directly to your house!

To take advantage of our great current promotions, check out our deals page below!

No Long-Term Contracts

Unlike many other internet providers, all of our internet plans have NO contracts, which means you are never locked in. With our award winning high-speed internet, highly-rated customer service, and low prices, we are confident you’ll be satisfied with your Metronet experience!

To make the switch to Metronet, call us today!

MetroNet Internet
MetroNet Internet

24/7 Local Customer Support

We pride ourselves on full transparency and top-notch customer support. Our support teams are located in your Florida communities, and are ready to help you with any issues whenever you need it! Whether it’s technical troubleshooting or changing your plan, we’ve got your back!

Give us a call whenever you need it, and we can resolve any issues in a friendly and timely manner!

The Fiber Internet Difference

Fiber Internet is becoming more and more popular across the country, as well as in Florida! Thanks to our network of fiber optic cabling, we are able to deliver internet speeds up to 2 Gb, which is much faster than cable internet. Plus, fiber internet doesn’t require powered connections, which means it’s much more reliable and less prone to outages! Fiber networks are much less likely to overload at peak times, which means no speed throttling!

To learn more about our fully fiber optic network, check out our fiber internet page today!

MetroNet Internet
MetroNet Internet

Get The Best Connection With Whole-Home Wi-Fi

Stop dealing with Wi-Fi dead zones in your home! We’ve specifically designed Metronet Whole-Home Wi-Fi to function as a signal extender that can easily cover every corner of your home. Make the switch and get the most of your home internet with Whole-Home Wi-Fi today. 

To learn more about Metronet Whole-Home Wi-Fi, follow the link below!