Call Now For Fiber Internet As Low As $29.95/mo!

We are currently en route to building a lightning-fast fiber-optic network in an area near you. We look forward to bringing you and your neighborhood affordable high-speed internet for years to come! Start now by locating your state below to see where Metronet is available.

Metronet’s Fiber-Optic Connection

Fiber-Optic internet through Metronet is NOT your average internet service. With our 100% fiber-optic network, you can say goodbye to having internet speed slow-downs during high traffic time. With speeds up to 2 Gigs, our speeds blow away standard cable internet or DSL, and for a much more affordable price. Our lightning-fast speeds allow for HD streaming on multiple devices, seamless video conferencing, and truly impressive download and upload speeds. Plus, we give you the ability to have your whole home connected with high-speed and phone options available for all of our customers.

MetroNet Internet
MetroNet Internet

Constantly Expanding

While we already have our high-speed fiber-optic network built in a number of cities across the United States, we are constantly expanding into new markets. Look above and select your state to see if we currently serve your market or are expanding there soon. We regularly post construction updates to keep you informed about Metronet in your area. To see if our network is currently available in your area, call today!

Our Happy Customers

Metronet has been excellent! It’s so convenient to have my phone and internet bill in one place, and they’re always happy to help me with any questions!
MetroNet Internet
Eli R.
Rochester, MN
Switching to Metronet was super easy! I called to sign up, and my internet was set up for me in a day or two. It’s been perfect for my streaming!
Morgan G.
Lexington, KY